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The Donald B. Sanders Fund

Jump-starting the work of young neurologists

For neurologists at the beginning of their careers, even small amounts of funding can make a huge difference.  At the right time, a few hundreds of dollars can pay for an early research project, travel opportunity, or other project that catalyzes a career-long interest in a disease or condition.

The Donald B. Sanders Residents and Fellows Research Fund, or Sanders Fund, provides this opportunity to residents and fellows within the Department of Neurology.

"As a fellow I had a research project that was IRB-approved but needed a funding source. The money I received from the Sanders fund paid for everything from the cost of stamps, to the travel costs to present the results at a conference. The project has since become a hot topic in the field and is still relevant to my work today.” -Jessica McFarlin, MD, Sanders Fund recipient


This fund was started in 2011 through the generous support of Donald B. Sanders, MD, who envisioned a self-sustaining source of support to help our Duke trainees become future leaders in Neurology. Sanders’ original donation helped build the academic careers of several of our trainees who later transitioned to faculty positions at Duke, including Jeff Guptill, MD, Christa Swisher, MD, and Justin Mhoon, MD.

Your private, tax-deductible donations can support the work Sanders started. To encourage your donations, all gifts of up to $20,000 will be matched by Departmental funding. Donors will be invited to a gathering at the house of Department Chief Richard O'Brien to celebrate the launch of this fund as well as the achievements made possible by Sanders’ original donation. Select donors will also receive periodic updates from residents and fellows whose lives they helped.

You can contribute to the Sanders fund in three ways:

The Donald B. Sanders Fund for Residents and Fellows
Duke Health Development and Alumni Affairs
300 W. Morgan Street Suite 1200 Durham, NC 27701