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Message from our Chair

Rich O'BrienWelcome to Duke Neurology.

We are a young, growing, department committed to changing the field of Neurology by bringing the discoveries of neuroscience research to the bedside and by bringing superb, innovative, and caring expertise to our patients.

Duke University, the Duke School of Medicine, and the Duke Health Systems are world-class organizations with enormous resources to guide and enable our research mission and assist our patients. Not a day goes by where I don’t meet somebody who can assist us in building a department deeply committed to our patients, each other and the field of neuroscience.

Our Department is committed to excellence through integrity, teamwork, and diversity. This mission statement applies to each faculty member and every process we undertake, from our interactions with patients, to our recruitment processes for our residents and fellows, to our research to understand, treat, and prevent neurological disease.

One of the secrets of Duke is also its location. The Research Triangle area of North Carolina is a fabulous place to live or visit. Durham, in particular, is a young vibrant, food-crazed city with great places to live or stay just minutes from the Duke campus. The campus itself is unique in that the undergraduate campus, medical school and health system are all located in one beautiful space.

If you are a patient looking for the best possible care in a compassionate environment, come visit one of our superb doctors. If you are a prospective resident or fellow, include us on your list of “must see” programs and become part of our future.

Rich O’Brien, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Neurology