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Duke Neurology congratulates the graduating residency class of 2020

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Duke Neurology residency class of 2020 held their graduation virtually this week, celebrating the completion of their four years of training and contributions to our Department amidst departmental growth, a continuing global pandemic, and numerous other challenges.

Our graduating class of residents will complete their neurology training in fellowships across the field of neurology, both at Duke and in other leading academic institutions across the country.

“Congratulations to you all. You’re an amazing class of residents and truly phenomenal doctors. Make yourselves proud of yourselves as we are of you, said Assistant Professor Shreyansh Shah, MD, who shared hosting duties for the graduation. “Thanks for selecting us and letting Duke Neurology be a part of your training.”

Our graduating residents have selected the following fellowship programs for next year: 

  • Lina Barker, MD - Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Ovais Inamullah, MD - Vascular Neurology Fellowship, Duke Neurology
  • Abigail Berezoski, MD - Vascular Neurology Fellowship, Duke Neurology
  • Abhi Kapuria, MD - Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, Duke Neurology
  • Marjorie Kilgore, MD - Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Duke
  • Deepal Shah-Zamora, MD - Movement Disorders Fellowship, Rush University, Chicago

The ceremony included a homemade blues song by Associate Professor Emeritus Marvin Rozear, MD, who has been a mainstay of the Neurology Residency program for four decades.

Graduation closed with the presentation of awards to faculty and residents, with winners selected by this year’s graduating class. Assistant Professor Scott Le, DO, received the 2020 Marvin Rozear Common Sense Award. Assistant Professor Scott Strine, DO, received the 2020 Eun-Lyu Lee Excellence in Teaching Award. Graduating resident Abhi Kapuria, MD, received both the E. Wayne Massey Teaching Award and the Chief Resident Research Award for 2020.