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Duke Neurology in the News: July 2019

Friday, July 19, 2019
Freelon Johnson Bedlack

The Duke Neurology Department mourns the recent passing of Philip Freelon, one of the nation's biggest names in architecture, due to complications from ALS. Other neurology-related news featuring members of our faculty includes a recent Consumer Reports article about how to cope with anxiety, and an excerpt from a new biography of Lou Gehrig. Find links to all of these stories in the bullet points below.

  • The acclaimed architect Philip Freelon, whose architectural designs stretch from Duke’s campus to America’s capital, died at the age of 66, three years after his diagnosis with ALS. Read the Duke Chronicle’s story about him here.
  • Consumer Reports spoke with Kim Johnson, MD in a recent article about coping with anxiety, where Johnson spoke about cognitive behavioral therapy as well as more informal approaches to talk therapy. Read that article here.
  • Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD, discusses how ALS likely affected Lou Gehrig’s final season in a new book about the famed baseball player. The New York Daily News published an excerpt from that book here.