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Duke Neurology Research Round-up, Fall 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Over the past two months, scholarly articles written by members of the Duke Neurology Department have examined many medical problems and new discoveries, from trying to identify the total number of epilepsy patients within the Veterans Health Administration, to examining the first known case of a prion disease appearing in a patient with well-controlled HIV, to analyzing RNA samples in frozen brain tissue. Here's a summary of the Department's most recent publications.

  • Ornit Chiba-Falek, PhD, Lidia Tagliafierro, PhD, Kirsten Bonawitz, and Omolara Glenn wrote an article in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience in which they discuss a new technique they used to analyze RNA samples in frozen brain tissue. Read the article here.
  • Aatif Husain, MD, was the senior author of study in November’s Epilepsy Research. This article described the implementation or a recent algorithm to identify the number of epilepsy patients in the Veterans Health Administration, which you can read here.  Husain also co-wrote a study examining the use of neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring during aortic arch surgery, which is available here.
  • Stroke printed a letter to the editor co-written by Stroke Fellow Matthew Erlich, MD, discussing the management of acute stroke with endovascular therapy. Read that letter here.
  • Wolfgang Liedtke, MD PhD, was the senior author of an Experimental Physiology article which reviewed evidence of the TRPV4 ion channel expression and function in the central nervous system, and how TRPV4 function could be useful for treating some neuropsychiatric disorders. Read the article here (Wiley access required).
  • M. Tariq Bhatti, MD contributed to an article in the Journal of Neuroophthalmology examining two cases when temporary lumbar drains were successfully used to manage under-treated pediatric fulminant idiopathic intracranial hypertension and prevent the need for surgical intervention. Read it here (Wiley access required).
  • Marc-Alain Babi, MD, Matt Luedke, MD, and Sweta Sengupta, MD, examined a rare case of spontaneous Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease appearing in a patient with well-controlled HIV. Read what they found out here.
  • Daniel Laskowitz, MD, MHS, contributed to a study funding that a solid-state form of caloric vestibular stimulation may be a viable, non-invasive tool for neuromodulation. Read the full article here.