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Durham doctor's flashy suits bring smiles to ALS patients

Monday, January 25, 2021
By Gloria Rodriguez, ABC11 News

Rick Bedlack, MD, PhD is known as a champion of ALS patients. He's also known for his flashy clothes. Now, the Duke ALS researcher has the ultimate sparkly suit with matching mask by celebrity designer Jerry Lee Atwood, who has dressed Post Malone and Lil Naz X.
"I just thought it would be really neat if I could combine all the things I've learned with my love of fashion and put that into a suit somehow," said Bedlack, Director of the Duke ALS Clinic.
"We made a lot of suits for celebrities, a couple NFL players, that sort of thing," said Atwood, who is based in Indiana. Atwood started Union Western Clothing Co. with Joe David Walters. "So it was really cool to get a request from somebody who's a doctor who works with these patients and wanted a suit to wear to brighten up their day."

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