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Fellow Spotlight: Jason Richards, MD

Thursday, August 24, 2017
By Latasha Jeter

This week’s spotlight interview focuses on one of our newest clinical neurophysiology fellows, Jason Richards, MD. Richards, who recently completed his residency at UNC-Chapel Hill, discusses his interests in epilepsy and reading EEGs. Richards also discusses his future plans and his hobbies outside of the fellowship.

Where are you from? What schools have you attended?
I grew up in West Windsor, New Jersey just outside of Princeton. I attended Tufts University in Boston for both undergrad and medical school. It was a very nice experience.

Coming from UNC-Chapel Hill, what brought you to Duke? Why did you choose the clinical neurophysiology fellowship?
During my residency, I developed an interest in taking care of people with epilepsy and interpreting EEG’s and other neurological testing. There is a lot you can do for people with epilepsy. There are a lot of medicines patients can try. Duke also has a very active epilepsy surgery program here as well, so there are surgeries that you can offer people. It is very debilitating disease. Most people with epilepsy can’t drive a car for safety reasons. It is always nice when treatments are successful and people can get another chance at their lives.

After my residency, I was looking to get a different experience and I was offered the job at Duke. It’s nice because I don’t have to move. I can stay put in my townhouse. It’s a really nice area, and I like living here. I get to work in a different hospital and in the VA system.

When did you become interested in neurology?
I became interested during my fourth year as a med student at Tufts. I rotated through neurology and I really liked it. It is an interesting working with a mixture of patients. I get to work with younger patients and older patients. I also think a lot of neurological diseases are very interesting. The brain is like the seat of behavior. You can look at the different things that make us human such a behavioral and personality changes and language.

What are your future plans in neurophysiology?
I am hoping to go into academic medicine to become a professor at a university. I like teaching and interacting with medical students.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the fellowship?
I love eating barbeque. I like trying new restaurants. My wife and I like to go to the beach a lot. My favorite thing to do is sit on the beach and relax with a good book. I am truly living when I am on the beach with a book in one hand and a Britt’s donut in the other.

Richards and his wife enjoy a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland.