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Hartsell, Hobson-Webb, and Hickey awarded ENABLE funding

Friday, April 29, 2016

Congratulations to F. Lee Hartsell, MD, Lisa Hobson-Webb, MD, and Patrick Hickey, DO, who received a year of research funding from the PDC’s ENhanced Academics in a Basic Laboratory Environment (ENABLE) career development program. This program will allow these faculty members to focus on the following projects:

  • Hartsell will continue the development of his iPhone multiple sclerosis app MSapp to improve its computing and machine learning.
  • Hobson-Webb will launch a pilot trial using a non-invasive ultrasound technique called shear wave dispersion to assess peripheral nerve inflammation.
  • Hickey will explore the use of advanced imaging techniques, including tractography, on surgical outcomes and safety in patients undergoing deep brain stimulation for tremor and Parkinson’s disease.