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Husain, Sinha, edit new textbook on continuous EEG monitoring

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
cEEG monitoring cover

A new textbook, edited by Aatif Husain, MD, and Saurabh Sinha, MD, PhD, and featuring several chapters by members of the Duke Neurology Department,  is available to help clinicians learn more about continuous EEG monitoring. Continuous EEG Monitoring: Principles and Practice offers a practical, comprehensive guide to this rapidly growing, clinically important field. The following nine of the book’s 38 chapters were written by members of the Neurology Department:

  • “Criteria for Continuous EEG Monitoring” by Keith Dombrowski, MD
  • “Quantitative EEG Analysis: Basics,” and “EEG Equipment” by Saurabh Sinha, MD, PhD
  • “QEEG in Seizure Detection” and “QEEG Training Module” by Christa Swisher, MD
  • “Treatment of Status Epilepticus with Nonsedating Antiepileptic Drugs,” by Sleep Medicine Fellow Mariam Wasim, MD
  • “Electrodes and Montages” by Michael Pietak, MD
  • “Technical Considerations” by Neurodiagnostics Technician Crystal Keller

Read more about the book here.