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Loochtan, Rahman, Mayberry receive Appleseed Teaching Awards

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Congratulations to Neurology Residents Aaron Loochtan, DO (PGY-4, right in photo), Shareena Rahman, MD (PGY-2, left), and Jordan Mayberry, MD (PGY-2, center), who each received Appleseed Resident Teaching Awards for their work with medical students. These awards were established in 2008 to recognize resident educators who are passionate about mentoring the next generation of physicians. Each year, second-year medical students vote on residents teaching on core clinical rotations, ultimately offering the awards to less than 10 percent of the resident body.

Medical students singled out Loochtan, Rahman, and Mayberry for their dedication and compassion for teaching. Specific praise they received includes the following:

  • Aaron Loochtan:  "gives students the right amount of responsibility and room for growth...he was a great teacher and mentor for all of the med students..."
  • Shareena Rhaman: "was very sweet to everyone and made time for each of us to learn.   Great doctor and amazing teacher!"
  • Jordan Mayberry: "exemplified extraordinary bedside manner...He was able to teach in a way that was incredibly comforting and informative.  I feel fortunate to have worked with him."