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LPN's critical thinking and skills help distressed passerby

Thursday, August 24, 2017
By William Stagg, Jr

Licensed Practical Nurse Simeran "Seema" Navarro, LPN, was working as usual at Duke Neurology of Raleigh when she learned that a person in a building hallway near the clinic was in distress. She hurried into the hallway, assessed the person, called 911, then fetched an oxygen mask from the clinic to help the person breathe and stay calm until paramedics arrived.

"It really was just part of my job to help. That's why I became a nurse in the first place," said Navarro, a new employee at Duke Neurology of Raleigh. Ryan Hampton, MS, the clinic's health center administrator, applauded how Navarro used her critical thinking and assessment skills in order to help someone in need.

"It didn't matter that it wasn't 'her patient' or even the practice's patient," Hampton said. "She just knew there was someone in need, trusted her instincts and training, and jumped into action. It certainly highlights her dedication to our values of excellence, safety and integrity." She also was "incredibly humble" about the incident and what she did, he said. "Few were even aware it had occurred."

"Sometimes just being in the presence of a healthcare professional can calm a person," Navarro said. "I'm happy to be a part of the Duke team." The article originally appeared on the Duke Health intranet. Thanks to William Stagg, Jr. for sharing!