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Neurology residents, faculty stand out at NCNS

Monday, February 19, 2018

Duke Neurology faculty members and housestaff stood out this weekend at the 2018 North Carolina Neurological Society annual meeting, where their lectures and posters advanced the field of clinical neurology. Christopher Eckstein, MD led a presentation titled "Neurological Manifestations of Autoimmune Disorders," while Rod Radtke, MD, gave a lecture on new developments in epilepsy.

In addition, Duke neurology residents and clinical neurophysiology fellow Jason Richards, MD, presented 10 posters. Special congratulations are in order to Ovais Inamullah, MD, and Shareena Rahman, MD, whose poster "Post-Thrombectomy Blood Pressure Management" won first prize, Casey Farin, MD, whose poster placed third, and Jennifer Kang, MD, who presented three posters at the conference. The full list of posters by Duke Neurology trainees appears below.

  • Casey Farin, MD - Case Series of Three Patients with Visual Hallucinations
  • Jason Richards, MD - Clinical Neurophysiology, Epilepsy Surgery
  • Jennifer Kang, MD - Resident Initiated Program Changes to Combat Burnout and Improve Patient Care
  • Jennifer Kang, MD - A Trial of Real-Time Electrographic Seizure Detection by Neuro ICU Nurses Using​ Quantitative EEG Trends
  • Jennifer Kang, MD - The Loss of Vestibular Ocular Reflexes in Epileptic Encephalopathy: A Lesson in Breaking Our Biases Against Triphasic Waves
  • Kathleen Cardinale, MD - Down Syndrome Disintegrative Disorder: An Encephalopathy Responsive to Immunotherapy
  • Shareena Rahman, MD and Ovais Inamullah, MD - Post-Thrombectomy Blood Pressure Management
  • Suma Shah, MD - Eosinophilia in a Patient with Glioblastoma Following Complete Response to Pembrolizumab
  • Suma Shah, MD - Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis in a 70 Year Old Woman After Flu Vaccine Administration
  • Sweta Sengupta, MD - Cognitive Difficulties Occurring in the Setting of Niacin Deficiency in a Bariatric Surgery Patient with a History of Alcohol Dependence

Rahman and Inamullah
Rahman and Inamullah stand by their prize-winning poster.