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Neuromuscular faculty shine at AANEM

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The annual meeting of the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) starts in Phoenix today, and Duke Neurology faculty are again poised to play a leadership role. Here’s a quick summary of their contributions, from scientific sessions on collaborations for myasthenia gravis, to discussions of the use of ultrasound as a biomarker for disease.

  • Vern Juel, MD, who is on the AANEM’s board of directors and a previous AANEM president, is participating in an “Ask the Expert’ session on neuromuscular junction techniques,  a talk on teaching and feedback in the EMG laboratory, an “ask the expert” session on neuromuscular junction techniques, and a “meet the author” section of repetitive nerve stimulation.
  • Janice Massey, MD, is participating in an “ask the expert” session on chemodenervation.
  • Don Sanders, MD, will lead a workshop on jitter measurements with concentric needle electrodes, the  MGFA Scientific Session “A REDCap database for the MG clinic and multicenter collaborations,” a “meet the author” session on single fiber EMG, and the industry forum session, “Immuno-modulatory role of plasma exchange in PNS & neuromuscular diseases.”
  • Shruti Raja, MD, will present the abstract, “Acute motor axonal neuropathy and myasthenia gravis overlap syndrome,” which she authored along with Lisa Hobson-Webb, MD.
  • Jeff Guptill, MD, MHS, will co-chair the MGFA scientific session and present his abstract “Immune profiling of circulating follicular helper T cells in MuSK-MG patients” (co-authored by Raja) at the MGFA scientific session.
  • Lisa Hobson Webb, MD, will deliver the lecture, "Neuromuscular ultrasound as a biomarker of disease" and lead an "ask the expert" session on setting up neuromuscular ultrasound in an EMG practice, and present the abstract “Median nerve area in diabetic carpal tunnel syndrome patients.” She is also chairing the Professional Practice Committee meeting and participating in the Ultrasound Committee and Muscle and Nerve editorial board.
  • Karissa Gable, MD, will teach a neuromuscular peripheral neuropathy prep course and participate in the electrodiagnostic self-assessment examinations committee.