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Pineda and Kapuria win 2018's Appleseed Award

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
By Imani Taylor
Appleseed Photo

Applause broke out from the crowd as Duke Neurology residents Abhi Kapuria, MD, and Olinda Pineda, MD, accepted their Appleseed Resident Teaching Award Wednesday morning during the Department’s weekly Grand Rounds conference.  

Both neurological residents were nominated by a strong majority of Duke Medical students for their outstanding teaching and mentorship performance, and received an Appleseed lapel pin and gift card to the campus restaurant, Nosh.

 Among many other compliments, second-year medical students had the following to say about the Appleseed winners:

“Olinda was fantastically friendly, always looking to teach, allowed students to perform neurologic exams and take histories, and demonstrated wonderful bedside manner, showing how empathetic medicine should be practiced. She was excellent to work with.”

“Abhi is an amazing resident! He took time out of his schedule to routinely teach us, to guide us through what was going on even in stroke codes or other neurological emergencies, and would make time to pull us aside during patient encounters to explain what was going on if he felt it was confusing. I'm really grateful to have worked with him because I think he really cared about student education in his role as a resident. He connected us to resources as well as taught us clinically important and relevant concepts in neurology. He is hands down one of the best residents I have worked with so far at Duke.”

The Appleseed award was founded ten years ago by Duke's medical students to acknowledge residents on their superb teaching skills for Duke medical students. The award is awarded annually, and distributed to less than ten percent of its residency class.

Congratulations to Kapuria and Pineda on their hard work and dedication in helping the next generation of medical students succeed!