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Neurocritical Care Unit, Duke Medical Pavilion, 8E

Neuro ICU

The Duke Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (or Neuro ICU), 8 East, is located on the 8th floor of the Duke Medical Pavilion (DMP). The DMP, which opened in June 2013, is a critical care and surgery expansion of Duke University Hospital. The state-of-the-art, eight-floor pavilion includes 160 critical care rooms, 16 operating rooms, and imaging equipment. Family zones, natural light wells with floor to ceiling windows and larger patient rooms and waiting areas provide patients and their loved ones with a top-of-the-line healthcare experience.

The Neuro ICU opened in 1993 under the leadership of Cecil Borel, MD. It was a 16-bed unit and was located in the North Tower of Duke University Hospital.

In the current Neuro ICU, the 24 patient rooms have natural lighting as well as specialized features such as ceiling-mounted equipment and hard-wired EEG systems to allow for an extremely spacious feel. A portable CT scanner, located in the equipment room in the Neuro ICU and is dedicated for Neuro ICU patients. Other unit-dedicated equipment includes bronchoscopy, direct and indirect laryngoscopy, bedside cardiac ultrasound, ultrasound for line placement, quantitative EEG, noninvasive cardiac output monitoring, transcranial Doppler, carotid ultrasound, telemedicine, advanced intracranial monitoring (ICP monitoring, brain temperature monitoring, depth EEG monitoring, brain PbTO2 monitoring), intravascular and surface cooling, and much more.

Three spacious, comfortable call rooms, each with a desk and computer, are located in the Neuro ICU. Additionally the Neuro ICU has a generous physician workroom, a large conference room with state-of-the-art AV capabilities, a dedicated family meeting room, and shared provider break room with floor-to-ceiling windows.