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About the Program

Stroke fellowship Chilukuri

Duke offers a one-year ACGME-approved fellowship in vascular neurology. Candidates must have competed an approved neurology residency and be ABMS neurology board eligible or certified. This program is directed by Jodi Dodds, MD, and includes a multidisciplinary faculty from the our Department as well as the Departments of Neurosurgery, Cardiology, and Surgery.

Example of Block Rotations

July Inpatient vascular neurology service
August Inpatient vascular neurology service
September Neuroradiology
October Neurosonology
November Neurosonology/elective/rehab/nursing home
December Neurosonology/elective/rehab/nursing home
January Inpatient vascular neurology service
February Inpatient vascular neurology service
March Neurosonology/elective/rehab/nursing home
April Neurosonology/elective/rehab/nursing home
May Neurosonology/elective/rehab/nursing home
June Research

Rotation Details

Type of Experience Structure Amount of Time
Vascular neurology inpatient care Ward Four months
Neurocritical care Ward with one day of stroke clinic Three months
Neuroradiology Neuroradiology reading daily One month
Neurosonology Rotation in TCD and carotid duplex lab Six weeks
Elective Attend fellow-selected specialty clinic Three weeks
Medical rehabilitation center Durham VA Medical Center Three weeks
Nursing home Durham VA Medical Center Three weeks
Research Supervised research One month
Vascular neurology outpatient care 1/2 day per week 1/2 day per week
Vascular neurology emergency care On call for Brian Attack Team Daytime hours four months (during neurology inpatient care)

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