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residents and faculty

What are your dates for residency interviews?
Interviews will be held on Wednesdays in the fall and winter of 2018 on the following dates:

  • October 24
  • October 31
  • November 7
  • November 14
  • November 28
  • December 5
  • December 12
  • December 19

What is your deadline for receiving applications?
Complete applications should be submitted by October 12, 2018.

Do you accept international medical graduates?
We presently have foreign medical graduates in our program, but we do not sponsor visas.

Do you accept applications from ERAS?
Yes. All neurology programs will be using ERAS. No other type of applications will be accepted and the ERAS applications must be uploaded as we do not accept faxed or e-mailed copies.

Do you guarantee a place for all Medicine prelim position?
Yes. We will guarantee a preliminary slot in Duke Internal Medicine if you match with us for neurology and choose to do your preliminary here.

Do you sponsor visas?
We accept ERAS applications from U.S. citizens and foreign medical graduates who are considered permanent residents (green card holders). We are no longer able to sponsor any visas.

Do you require any U.S. clinical experience? If yes, is it observership or hands-on experience?
It is not a requirement, but we strongly recommended that applicants have hands-on experience in the U. S. healthcare system.  Requirements are determined by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Visit the ABPN website for more information.

Do you offer observerships?  
We are unable to offer these at this time.

Do you have a cut-off for USMLE scores?
We do not focus on one area of the application; we look at the application as a whole document. Each step of the USMLE or COMLEX must be passed within three attempts.

How many residents will you be accepting?
We have seven positions available per year.

Do you have a cutoff for year of graduation?
No. We look at the whole application and do not focus on the year of graduation.

Are applications from candidates accepted for review even if they don't have a valid ECFMG certificate submitted with the ERAS documents?
If your submitted ECFMG certificate is not valid or will expire before our interviews, you will need to upload a renewed one in order to interview with us. Your application will be reviewed but an interview will not be offered until we receive all valid documents.

Do you request additional documents other than required ERAS documents?
There may be a situation where we request additional information in order to have a better understanding about something that was submitted. However, this is rare.

Is it mandatory to pass the USMLE Step 1 and 2 in the first attempt for being invited for the interview?
If you do not pass the USMLEs on the first attempt, it would be a good idea to put in writing the reasons why you believe this happened. There is a limit of three attempts to pass the USMLE--for more information visit the NC medical board.

What if I haven't received my scores for Step 2?
If you have not received your scores for Step 2 by the time you submit your application, please forward a copy to ERAS when you receive it. Please also notify Gina Murray, via ERAS, that you have uploaded it.

Will you accept faxed applications?
No. We ONLY accept documents that we receive via ERAS and will not review faxed applications.