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All residents must complete a PGY-1 year in internal medicine before beginning their PGY-2 training in neurology. Requirements are determined by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Duke Internal Medicine preliminary year slot applications are filed by applying through ERAS.

Your medical internship can be completed through the Internal Medicine Residency program at Duke or elsewhere, such as your local medical school program. While it is not required that you do your internship at Duke, it is highly desirable and encouraged. The Duke program is an excellent choice that exposes its interns to a variety of medical disorders. All residents who are accepted to the Duke Neurology Advanced Program will be guaranteed an internship slot at Duke.

To rank the Duke Medicine Preliminary Program, in the NRMP system you would rank the Duke Neurology Advanced Program and on the supplemental list you rank the Duke Medicine Preliminary Program. You will not need to interview separately for the Duke Medicine Preliminary Program as the interviews with our program will serve as your preliminary year interview. You would also list any other preliminary internship program you may be interested in attending on the supplemental list.

Duke Neurology and Internal Medicine National Residency Matching Program - NRMP Codes:

Neurology Advanced Program         1529180A0       3 years
Medicine Preliminary Program         1529140P1       1 year