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Resident Photos

Drs. Yvonne Baker and Aaron Loochtan
Swengupta brain
Yvonne Baker, MD, and Aaron Loochtan, DO, bond over a long night shift.
Sweta Sengupta, MD, teaches a group of eighth-grade students about the brain at Durham Lakewood Montessori School. Read more about that trip here.
AAN bear
Drs. Pineda and Farin
Jason Bethea, MD, Sweta Sengupta, MD, and Eric Prince, MD, are barely able to contain their excitement about the 2016 AAN conference in Vancouver.
Olinda Pineda, MD, and Casey Farin, MD, meanwhile pose in front of the fake Vancouver skyline while in the real Vancouver for the 2016 AAN conference.
male residents
Our residents pose with colleagues in Child Neurology before watching 2017's solar eclipse.
Several of the current male residents pose for a group photograph.