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Charlotte Pilot Club donates $75,000 to ADRC for Alzheimer’s disease research

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Bryan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (Bryan ADRC) received a $75,000 donation to fund research into Alzheimer’s disease from the Pilot Club of Charlotte. Four members of the club traveled to Duke on Thursday, where they toured the Bryan ADRC and Bryan research building. Click here to view a photo album of the visit.

“On behalf of the ADRC and Neurology Department, I’d like to thank the Pilot Club of Charlotte for this very generous donation,” said Kathleen Welsh Bohmer, PhD, who organized the visit. “This seed money  is crucial to our work investigating Alzheimer’s disease throughout the human lifespan and developing personal health approaches informed by a deeper understanding of the biology of the disease.”

Welsh-Bohmer and other researchers will use the funds from the donation to conduct high-resolution brain imaging studies and collect blood samples in younger adults who are genetically at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

“We were all so delighted with the reception we received,” said Jean Freeman, who has been a member of the Charlotte Pilot Club since the 1970s. “Many of us have had friends and loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We’re so glad that we could do our part to help research in this area.”

The Pilot Club of Charlotte, chartered in 1937, has worked to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and care for the past 15 years, often through annual “love lights” events where they set out thousands of luminary candles around lakes in Charlotte before nightfall. To learn more about their work, contact Melissa Bowlin, president, at