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Duke Neurology faculty shine in two conferences in China

Thursday, July 6, 2017
Ying Xian Tiantan International Stroke Conference

Duke Neurology faculty have been literally contributing to research around the world, with two separate groups presenting at major conferences in China recently.

At the Tiantan International Stroke Conference in Bejing, Ying Xian, MD, PhD (photo, fourth from left), and Daniel Laskowitz, MD, MHS helped to launch a quality improvement initiative with the Chinese Stroke Association. Laskowitz also gave a keynote speech titled "Translation from genetic association to novel therapeutic intervention for intracranial hemorrhage."

Meanwhile, near Shanghai, Wolfgang Liedtke, MD, PhD, and Yong Chen, PhD,were key parts of the Translational Pain Research Symposium in Duke Kunshan University. Chen beat 64 competitors to win the Symposium's poster presentation for his project, “TRPV4 functions as a pruriceptor ion channel in epidermal keratinocytes to evoke histaminergic itch.” Liedtke gave a talk titled “Translating TRP: Leveraging basic insights for targeted relief of pain and targeted relief of pruritus,” and led other discussions at Shanghai Tech University, Nihon University in Japan, and the Japanese National Health Research Center.

Above, Chen enjoys a quiet moment after winning his poster award.

Liedtke speaks at the Translational Pain Research Symposium.