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Graffagnino, Forrest take pies to the face to promote stroke research

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Neurologist Carmen Graffagnino, MD, and Stroke Coordinator Heather Forrest both received pies to the face this week as part of a fundraiser for the American Stroke Association/American Heart Association. For the fundraiser, members of the Duke Stroke team "voted" with donations to the AHA/ASA for one of three teams--one consisting of Graffagnino and Forrest--the others consisting of Matt Luedke, MD, and Carey Unger, and the other of Shreyansh Shah, MD, and Staci Reynolds. Graffagnino and Forrest had the honor of being the clear favorites. Together the stroke team raised nearly $900. Thanks to Margaret Fenu for organizing the event and to everyone who participated!