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Alzheimer's disease prevention registry

ADRC prevention registry

The Bryan ADRC Alzheimers Disease Prevention Registry (ADPR) was established to conduct research to better understand Alzheimer's disease. The registry is for interested individuals who do NOT have Alzheimer's disease and are willing to be contacted about Bryan ADRC research opportunities that promote or characterize healthy aging and dementia prevention.

These prevention-related research opportunities will be aimed at healthy individuals (55+ years old), and will share the common goal of attempting to halt Alzheimer's disease before it develops. Research efforts may include, studies examining the effect of dementia prevention medication; optimal cognitive performance and brain functioning; or other health approaches, such as exercise and diet change, that do not rely upon drugs.

Please note that by enrolling in the registry you are NOT signing up for any study at this time. You are simply indicating a desire to hear about future studies so that you can make a decision about possibly participating. There are no costs of any kind related to being a registry member and you are free at any time to change your mind and have your name removed from the ADPR mailing list. 

Please click here to join the Bryan ADRC Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Registry. For more information, or if you have any questions, email

What we do

Our approach at the Bryan ADRC is to improve the diagnosis, care, and treatment for AD patients and translates genetic and other basic science discoveries into practical treatments and disease prevention.

In addition to its clinical and basic research activities, the Bryan ADRC offers support services, community outreach, and education programs for families caring for persons with memory disorders. We share scientific and clinical findings with the general public and the medical and scientific communities via the Bryan ADRC publications, annual conferences, and clinical training programs.

Behavioral Testing

Members of the ADRC Registry often help us by performing  engaging behavioral tests of their  mental flexibility, daily habits, and knowledge base.We use flexible, interesting testing environments that allow us to make new inferences on how our behavior changes as we age, and how it remains resilient despite adversity.

davis brain scanBrain Scans

We use cutting edge brain scanning techniques to take innovative pictures of your brain with MRI. Our new techniques allow us to make beautiful, informative images of your personal neuroanatomy in just a short MRI session using minimally invasive technologies.


ADRC researchers run exercise studies that engage ADRC Registry members with fun, active tasks. We promote active, and healthy lifestyles that help to keep the brain healthy and inspire dynamic interactions between personal tasks, social environments, and the world. 



If you have any questions, contact us at to ask about our work and how you can get involved. We look forward to your participation!