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Audrey Dickey, PhD

The laboratory of Audrey Dickey, PhD, investigates how the basic mechanisms of aging and how the underlying processes lead to disease. To reach this goal our research focuses on translating proven pathological mechanisms of neurodegeneration into opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Neurodegenerative diseases have their own unique characteristics, origins, and symptoms and impact on patients' lives. Our recent work has underlined the common pathways across these diseases. In particular, our research focuses on regulating fundamental cellular functions, including transcription, autophagy, mitochondrial metabolism, and miRNAs in health, disease, and aging. Aging is the main risk factor for neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. We integrate newer advanced techniques with multiple ‘Omics, pharmacology, biochemistry, confocal imaging, with preclinical trials in mouse models and human-iPSC-derived neurons to generate and test novel therapeutic interventions in multiple neurodegenerative diseases. The Dickey lab is part of the Duke Center for Neurodegeneration and Neurotherapeutics.