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Simon Gregory, PhD

Photo of Simon Gray Gregory

Simon Gray Gregory

Office: Carmichael Building
Campus mail: 300 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919 684 0726

Dr. Gregory's research applies his experience leading the mapping of the mouse genome and the sequencing of human chromosome 1 for the Human Genome Project to elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying multi-factorial diseases. His primary area of research involves identifying the complex genetic factors that give rise to the development of multiple sclerosis and other complex diseases. Dr. Gregory’s MS laboratories at Duke University and the David H Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) are using cell signaling and immune cell flow sorting to establish the role of IL7R signaling in the development of MS; through collaboration his group has developed three novel mouse strains to investigate allele and splicing specific effects of IL7R in these novel MS models in the context of EAE induction; he is PI of the MURDOCK-MS collection, a cross sectional MS cohort of ~1000 MS patients that provide the basis for genetic, genomic and metabolomic biomarker identification of MS disease development and progression. Dr. Gregory is Director of DiscoveryMS at the DHMRI and Research Director of the Duke Center of Research in Autoimmunity and MS (DREAMS) within the Department of Neurology.