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Liedtke Lab

Photo of Wolfgang Bernhard Liedtke

Wolfgang Bernhard Liedtke

Office: 2nd floor, Bryan Research Building
Campus mail: 311 Research Drive, Durham, NC 27710

The Liedkte laboratory studies sensory neurobiology of pain with focus on calcium-related signaling mechanisms. To better understand chronic, pathological pain at the organismal level, we use genetic model organisms from invertebrate to rodent. Our approaches include behavioral, structural and molecular studies, advanced imaging, and patch-clamp electrophysiology.

The Liedtke-Lab is housed in the Duke University Dept. of Neurology. Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke (PI) is also affiliated with the Depts. of Neurobiology and Anesthesiology. In addition, he was the first hire in the Duke Center for Translational Neuroscience.

The experimental agenda of the Liedtke lab is in keeping with Dr. Liedtke's clinical focus on chronic trigeminal pain disorders in his outpatient clinics in the Duke Neurology Clinics for headaches, head pain, and trigeminal sensory disorders. His clinics draw nation-wide referrals.