If you would like to see a Duke physician and are not sure what type of physician you need, please contact the Duke Consultation and Referral Center at 919-416-3853 or toll-free 888-275-3853 for further information on health care at Duke.

Appointments with Duke Neurology

If you have received a prior diagnosis from a primary care physician, and wish to make an appointment for outpatient evaluation by a Duke neurologist, please choose one of the following options:

If you have insurance, you may call the Neurology appointment number at 919-668-7600 and determine which physician is most suited for you or request a specific physician.

If you have a prior diagnosis from a primary care physician, but do not have insurance, or have NC Medicaid, please have your primary care physician fax the following information to Attention: Resident Clinic Triage at 919-668-0374:

  1. Patient demographics: Name, birth date, address, phone number, Social Security number.
  2. Insurance information: Indicate if patient is self-pay or Medicaid (must include Medicaid number). If Medicaid, patient must be a resident of North Carolina.
  3. Referring physician: Name, address, phone number.
  4. Clinical data: Physician must include recent clinic notes, CT or MRI reports, and reason for referral. 
  5. Preference given to Durham County residents.

Please visit for additional information about Duke patient services.

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