The Duke Epilepsy Clinic

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For adults, the Duke Epilepsy Clinic is located in Clinic 1L at Duke South. For children, the Epilepsy Clinic is located in the Duke Children’s Medical Center and at the Duke Brier Creek Location. As part of the initial evaluation, a through history and physical examination and review of any prior testing that is available is performed. Based on this, a plan for further evaluation or testing is developed. Based on the patient’s and referring physicians wishes, this plan can be implemented at Duke, by their other providers or as a team.


The ability to review previous records is critical to a thorough evaluation in clinic. Especially important are:

1. Recent notes from your neurologist.

2. Notes from initial evaluation of seizures.

3. Results of testing, especially imaging studies (MRI of the brain, PET scan of the brain) and EEG (inpatient or outpatient testing). If possible, the actual studies (images from MRI and/or tracings from EEG) are helpful.

4. Records of previous treatments, including medications, dosages of medications, duration of treatment, and results of treatment.