Epilepsy, Sleep, and Clinical Neurophysiology

The division of Epilepsy, Sleep, and Clinical Neurophysiology offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with epilepsy, seizures and sleep disorders. Many of our faculty members are international leaders in epilepsy and sleep research and care, including the past president of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society and past chair of the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology. We also offer a one-year, ACGME-accredited fellowship program in sleep medicine.

General and Community Neurology

The division of General and Community Neurology provides most of the general neurology care at Duke. This care is performed on an inpatient and outpatient basis at Duke Hospital, and at our sister hospitals at Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Headache and Pain

Chronic or recurring headaches and head pain cause pain and other devastating effects on quality of life and day-to-day living. The Duke Neurology Headache division is dedicated to helping patients find relief from both of these areas.

Hospital Neurology

Neurological conditions do not occur in a vacuum. A patient hospitalized for a heart attack may suddenly have a stroke. A patient with a metastatic tumor could suddenly start having a seizure. Our providers within the new Division of Hospital Neurology specialize in helping patients with these complicated, overlapping conditions throughout Duke’s three hospitals (Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital).

Memory Disorders

Most people have occasional memory lapses. Often the problem is a normal consequence of stress or aging. However, when memory lapses begin to interfere with everyday function, such as job performance or other independent functions, assistance from health professionals who specialize in the problems of memory loss may be needed. 

Such specialized assistance is available at the Memory Disorders Clinic (MDC) of Duke University Health Systems. The clinic is located within the Duke Health Center at Morreene Road in Durham, NC.

Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunology

Our providers have experience with a variety of injectable, oral, and infusion treatments for MS and in treating a variety of neuroimmunological conditions. They will work with you to find a therapy that meets your needs based on your symptoms and personal preferences.

Neurocritical Care

The Department's division of Neurocritical Care faculty includes 11 intensivists, all of whom are boarded in Neurocritical Care by the United Council of Medical Subspecialties; many also hold concurrent areas of specialization such as vascular neurology, neuroanesthesiology, and neurophysiology. 

Neuromuscular Diseases

The division of neuromuscular disease includes the Duke Electromyography Laboratory, the Neuromuscular Consult Service, the Myasthenia Gravis Clinic, the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic, the ALS Clinic, the EMG Guided Chemodenervation Service, and the Peripheral Neuropathy Clinic. The faculty within Neuromuscular Service are internationally recognized within their field.

Parkinson's Disease And Movement Disorders

Our Movement Disorders Center provides expertise in Parkinson’s disease from both clinically trained neurologists and advanced practice providers with specialty training in movement disorders. Patients undergo a thorough evaluation and receive a comprehensive treatment plan. Our team includes:

Stroke and Vascular Neurology

Our division of Stroke and Vascular Neurology offers cutting-edge patient care and conducts excellent reserach to better understand, prevent, and treat strokes and related conditions. The Duke Comprehensive Stroke Center, originally named the Duke Center for Cerebrovascular Disease and was founded by Dr. Albert Heyman in 1966 as a collaborative effort of the NIH and the Veterans Administration. Certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission, we offer the highest level of specialized stroke prevention and stroke care.

Translational Brain Sciences

The Division of Translational Brain Sciences brings together research faculty from across the field of neuroscience to promote excellence in research and provide support, mentoring, and collaboration for neuroscience faculty and staff. Our research works to take the latest findings in laboratory, bench, neuroscience and translate those findings into advances in patient care.