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Most people have occasional memory lapses. Often the problem is a normal consequence of stress or aging. However, when memory lapses begin to interfere with everyday function, such as job performance or other independent functions, assistance from health professionals who specialize in the problems of memory loss may be needed. 


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In January, members of Duke Neurology wrote and contributed to 20 peer-reviewed journal articles.

The final month of 2023 saw members of the Duke Neurology Department contributing to nine new peer-reviewed journal articles.

Sharon Fekrat, MD, FASRS, sees the retina, the lining of the eye that translates visual signals from the eye into what the brain perceives as sight, as both a thing of beauty and a window into the rest of the body.  As a member of the Duke Departments

What do a speech prosthetic that translates brain signals into speech, retinal scans that detect cognitive impairment, and a promising new form of genetic therapy for Parkinson’s and some forms of dementia have in common?