Hospital medicine

Neurological conditions do not occur in a vacuum. A patient hospitalized for a heart attack may suddenly have a stroke. A patient with a metastatic tumor could suddenly start having a seizure. Our providers within the new Division of Hospital Neurology specialize in helping patients with these complicated, overlapping conditions throughout Duke’s three hospitals (Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital).

Our faculty and providers have expertise  in epilepsy, stroke, neurocritical care, and other subspecialties. We are united by a passion for inpatient care and complex cases, often involving both neurological and non-neurological conditions. One moment we may be treating a patient with liver failure who is experiencing a seizure in a medical intensive care unit (ICU); the next helping patients in the surgical ICU or cardio-thoracic ICU as they are having a stroke; or treating a patient in orthopedics who is having entrapment neuropathy. We bring neurological consultative care to all of our patients, regardless of service line.

A fellowship program in Hospital Neurology is planned for 2024.