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The Duke Department of Neurology offers advanced fellowship programs in eight subspecialties of neurology. These programs offer trained neurologists the opportunity to become clinical and research experts in their field of choice. Our Department is committed to building and maintaining a community where all members thrive in a welcoming and engaging environment. Read more about our diversity and inclusion efforts across the Department here.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, January 2024

In January, members of Duke Neurology wrote and contributed to 20 peer-reviewed journal articles. This month’s research includes an article reviewing interneuron transplantation for drug-resistant epilepsy, a study on the relationship between BMI and intracerebral hemorrhage, and a study indicating that genetic associations with longevity are stronger in females than in males. 

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, December 2023

What do a speech prosthetic that translates brain signals into speech, retinal scans that detect cognitive impairment, and a promising new form of genetic therapy for Parkinson’s and some forms of dementia have in common? They’re all examples of the 21 peer-reviewed journal articles authored members of the Duke Neurology Department published this November.  

Fellow Spotlight: Gabriel Torrealba-Acosta, MD

Gabriel Torrealba-Acosta, MD, hadn’t thought much about neurology until his final year of medical school, when a trusted mentor’s enthusiasm convinced him to pursue the ever-changing, challenging field. The rush and excitement during  Torrealba-Acosta’s time in the neurocritical intensive care unit (neuro ICU) convinced him to specialize in neurocritical care and join our neurocritical care fellowship program.

Gift from Schilsky Foundation Expands Scope of Movement Disorders Fellowship at Duke

The Duke Neurology Department has expanded its movement disorders fellowship program to provide fellows with a research-immersive second year, thanks to a pledge from Dr. Randy Schilsky and his RMS Family Foundation. This support will allow our movement disorders fellows to extend their training beyond the first year, which is immersed in clinical training, and undertake research projects to advance our understanding of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

Fellow Spotlight: Joel Page, MD

Joel Page, MD, first found himself drawn to neurology by his fascination with human behavior and the origins of consciousness. That passion intensified when, as a medical student, he felt himself driven to help people suffering from neurological conditions. Now, he’s reviewing EEGs, and learning about epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, and other subjects as one of our newest Clinical Neurophysiology Fellows.

Fellow Spotlight; Sally You, DO

Sally You, DO, had been interested in the brain and consciousness since childhood, but in medical school she wanted a practice where she could continue to address a holistic view of patients’ health that went beyond the central and peripheral nervous system. She settled on neurology and recently joined our neurocritical care fellowship program. 

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, August 2023

This July, members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 10 new peer-reviewed journal articles. Highlights of this research include a new study that found persistent associations between neighborhood income levels and poor outcomes for neurocritical care, a trio of studies that provide insights into the origins and development of Alzheimer’s disease, and a preliminary analysis of the merits of a potential off-label therapy for ALS.

Fellow Spotlight: Mays Khweileh, MD

As a high school student, Mays Khweileh, MD, was fascinated by the capacity of the human brain, as well as the nature of consciousness. Now, as one of our clinical neurophysiology, she realizes the mysteries of the brain are greater than she had ever thought.