Duke Neurology Research Round Up, December 2023

What do a speech prosthetic that translates brain signals into speech, retinal scans that detect cognitive impairment, and a promising new form of genetic therapy for Parkinson’s and some forms of dementia have in common? They’re all examples of the 21 peer-reviewed journal articles authored members of the Duke Neurology Department published this November.  

Middle School Students BOOST Their Interest in Neurology

Local middle school students visited Duke this August to touch human brains, learn about the U.S. health system, and watch research being conducted in real time, thanks to the BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology) program and the Duke Neurology Department.

APP Resident Spotlight: Elizabeth Roberts, NP-C

This week’s Spotlight interview shines on Elizabeth Roberts, NP-C, the newest member of our APP Residency Program. Roberts talks to us about being drawn to neurology both intellectually through her undergraduate studies in neuroscience, and emotionally through her experiences helping patients in a neuro intensive care unit (Neuro ICU). She talks about working to build relationships with her patients and taking a holistic view of their health.

APP Spotlight: Caitlyn Mooneyham Gallagher, FNP

Caitlyn Mooneyham Gallagher, FNP, first decided to pursue nursing when a friend talked her into considering the field. She decided to specialize in neurology, thinking that “If I can do neuro, I can do anything.” Nearly seven years later, she’s working with Mariam Wasim, MD, and other clinicians at Duke Raleigh.

APP Spotlight: Candace Moody, PA-C

Candace Moody, PA-C, didn’t know what a physician assistant (PA) was until college, but an interest group meeting turned her on to the scope and flexibility the position offered. Now, as our newest PA, shes’s helping patients with a variety of headaches at our Neurological Disorders Clinic at Morreene Road. In this week’s Spotlight interview, Moody talks to us about the joys of being able to help headache patients get parts of their life back and overcoming the stigma associated with migraines and other headaches.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, January 2023

The final month of 2022 saw the release of 12 new peer-reviewed journal articles written or co-written by members of the Duke Neurology Department. Highlights of our most recent publications include an evaluation of a training program designed to improve the delivery of epilepsy care in Uganda, a review of recent advances in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, and a discussion of treatment options for the autoimmune condition known as neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD).

APP Spotlight: Elizabeth Gesse, MSN

For as long as she can remember, Elizabeth (Liz) Gesse, MSN, enjoyed both science and helping people, so nursing was a natural career path. She came to Duke as an RN before becoming a nurse practitioner, and then joined the Stroke Unit of Duke University Hospital. In this week’s Spotlight interview, Geese talks to us about how she uses her master’s training in her daily work and shares some of the patient-provider interactions that she loves about her job.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, November 2022

This October, members of the Duke Neurology Department advanced the fields of clinical and translational neuroscience, contributing to 14 new peer-reviewed studies and one book chapter. Highlights from our recent research include validation of new automated measures that evaluate handwriting for dystonia symptoms, a discussion of the effects of blood pressure on head and facial pain, and a discussion of presentations of a neuroimmune disorder known as MOGAD.

APP Spotlight: Sarah Mason, PA-C

As a child, Sarah Mason, PA-C, loved listening to the stories her grandfathers, both of whom were doctors, told about their work helping patients. Now as the newest physician assistant in our Kernodle Clinic, Mason is treating a new group of patients with memory loss, headaches, seizures, and other conditions.