Patient Care

Duke is home to one of the country’s leading neurology programs, with an expert team of specialists who offer the latest neurological care, including tests, treatments, and breakthrough research.

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Neurology Clinic: (919) 668-7600

Epilepsy Experts: (919) 685-3223

When you come to Duke, you don’t just see a neurologist. Every aspect of our program is tailored to your needs with highly-specialized neurological care. People with epilepsy see epileptologists, people who have experienced or at risk for stroke receive careful treatment by certified stroke specialists, and people with Alzheimer’s have access to geropsychology experts. Whatever your diagnosis, our treatment goal is the same: we want you to live the fullest life possible, free from debilitating symptoms, pain, and other side effects caused by neurological disorders.

Visit DukeHealth's Neurology page to find out more about our patient care, or call 919-668-7600 to make an appointment.