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Research at Duke Neurology

From exploring the underlying causes of Alzheimer's disease to designing an iPhone app to help people manage multiple sclerosis, the Duke Department of Neurology conducts transformational basic, transformational, and clinical research in all major areas of neurology. Click on the links below to learn more about our work.

We are actively seeking collaborators, both from other neurosciences and other disciplines. Some of our current partners include the Duke Departments of Neurobiology, Immunology, Neurosurgery, and Statistical Sciences.

Research Quality Management Program Implementation Plan Overview

To better support a culture of Research Quality, Scientific Integrity and Accountability that integrates both the Research and the Research Administration arm, all School of Medicine departments, centers and institutes will develop and implement a Research Quality Management Program (RQMP). Download a PDF file of this document here.

Research Ethics

The Neurology Department is committed to conducting research in an ethical manner that is free from bias or manipulation. Our Research Ethics Committee is leading an effort to ensure that our research meets proper procedures, with a commitment to the six general principles for all our members:

  • Ensuring that every member of the lab maintains and updates a lab notebook on a daily basis
  • Knowing where our data are.
  • Knowing what has been done to acquire and modify our data.
  • Making all efforts to ensure that data collection and analysis are, at a minimum, unbiased and blinded when possible.
  • Following proper statistical procedures.
  • Empowering Departmental staff to understand these principles and monitor their implementation.

Download the Neurology Department's complete Scientific Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP) here (last updated February 14, 2023).

If you know of any research (whether in your lab or someone else's) that is being conducted in an unethical manner, please complete this anonymous reporting form so that it can be investigated.