Duke Neurology at AES 2023: Highlights from Orlando

Current and former members of the Duke Neurology Department, along with the nation’s leading epilepsy researchers, providers, and educators, gathered in Orlando, Florida, this weekend for the American Epilepsy Society’s (AES) 2023 annual meeting. Members of our Department are leading three events or lectures, and contributing to 11 new posters or abstracts on epilepsy surgery, self-care in epilepsy, the use of guidelines in managing epilepsy, and other topics.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, December 2023

What do a speech prosthetic that translates brain signals into speech, retinal scans that detect cognitive impairment, and a promising new form of genetic therapy for Parkinson’s and some forms of dementia have in common? They’re all examples of the 21 peer-reviewed journal articles authored members of the Duke Neurology Department published this November.  

Staff Spotlight: Ashley Ladd

The challenges of providing healthcare go far beyond diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Patient and provider schedules have to be constantly organized, updated, and communicated to ensure functioning clinics and provide adequate care. Ashley Ladd, the subject of this week’s Spotlight interview, takes on these duties and more for patients with epilepsy, sleep disorder, and other related conditions.

Faculty Spotlight: Jill Stuart, PhD

Epilepsy is more than a physical disease. Beyond causing seizures, epilepsy can cause problems with memory or attention, and the stresses of living with the condition also make people more vulnerable to both depression and anxiety. Fortunately, a variety of therapies and life adjustments that can help people living with epilepsy navigate these challenges.

Staff Spotlight: Chloe O'Brien, RN

Our first “Spotlight” interview of Epilepsy Awareness Month shines on Chloe O’Brien, RN, one of the nurses in the epilepsy pod of our 1L Clinic. O’Brien talks to us about the compassion and words of kindness she experienced inspired her to follow nursing at an early age. She shares how that passion grew when she connected with people living with epilepsy, and how she hopes to help and learn from every patient she meets.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, November 2023

This October, members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 11 new peer-reviewed journal articles, advancing the fields of clinical and translational neuroscience. Highlights from the past 31 days include descriptions of a new technology that uses retinal scans to detect mild cognitive impairment, a white paper outlining challenges and opportunities for clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease, and genetic analyses that advance our understanding of the origins of Alzheimer’s disease.

Staff Spotlight: Alyssa Ho, MS

As an undergraduate, Alyssa Ho, MS, found herself drawn to neuroscience both by her intellectual desire to understand the workings of the brain and by her compassion for the patients she saw living with neurodegenerative disease while she volunteered at a local hospice.

Faculty Spotlight: Shruti Agashe, MD, MS

Shruti Agashe, MD, MS, first came to Duke as a biomedical engineering student. After medical school, this perspective, as well as her fascination with the human brain, drew her to neurology and epileptology. Now as one of the newest members of our faculty, Agashe is bringing her clinical and engineering knowledge together to improve care for her patients.