Duke Neurology Research Round Up, July 2022

This June, members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 12 new peer-reviewed journal articles as well as two new book chapters. Among other findings these studies uncovered retinal differences that may one day act as early biomarkers for cognitive impairment, population-based studies that will improve treatment for stroke and other conditions, and investigations of hydrogel scaffolds as potential therapies.

Fellow Spotlight: Alan Salgado, MD

As an undergraduate student, Alan Salgado, MD, knew he wanted to pursue neuroscience, but vacillated between pursuing medical or graduate school. Perhaps influenced by his father, a fellow neurologist, he chose a medical degree and a career in neurology. Now, in his final months as a neuromuscular medicine fellow at Duke, Salgado talks to us about the stroke research he performed as a resident, his future plans as a faculty member within the University of Michigan, and enjoying breweries, staying active and major league baseball when he’s not at Duke.

Duke Neurology at AAN 2022

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) returned to an in-person meeting this week, bringing together neurologists from around the country and world to Seattle to learn about the latest research and clinical advances in neurology. Members of the Duke Neurology Department are playing a critical role in these proceedings this year, leading lectures and group talks, leading specialist groups, and presenting a dozen posters and scientific abstracts. Our Department’s contributions to AAN this year include the following honors, sessions, presentations, and awards.

Fellow Spotlight: Cory Myers, DO

Cory Myers, DO, had a long-standing interest in the brain and neuroscience, considering research and psychiatry before settling on neurology. Now, as one of our clinical neurophysiology fellows, he’s preparing for a career treating patients with epilepsy and related conditions in the academic setting.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, February 2022

The first month of 2022 saw the publication of 18 new peer-reviewed journal articles from members of the Duke Neurology Department. Highlights include a new article in Lancet Neurology discussing the epidemiology, diagnostics, and  biomarkers of autoimmune neuromuscular junction disorders, case reports describing the progression and treatment options for rare neurological conditions, and a summary of how the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic affects neurology residency programs in the United States.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, January 2022

Research authored by members of the Duke Neurology Department published during the final month of 2021 advanced our knowledge of stroke, epilepsy, dystonia, and other conditions.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, December 2021

Members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 14 new peer-reviewed journal articles written this November. Highlights include an analysis of fragmentation within the delivery of neurological health care, an examination of racial disparities in the use of telehealth, and a discussion of the best ways to use social medicine to share news on epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology. Read the paragraphs below for short summaries of each of these 14 articles, as well as links to the original entries themselves.

Memory Disorders

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, October 2021

New research from the Duke Neurology Department provided insights into our ability to improve patient care and better understand neurological conditions. The 11 studies featuring our faculty, staff, and trainees published this September include the discovery of an HIV medication’s surprising potential to treat dystonia, an analysis of brain tumor patients admitted to intensive care, and a personal story of one faculty member’s grandfather, who lived through the ups and downs of a century of health care in the United States.