August All Stars Go To Balsis, Perez, Mushannen, Jordan, and Linares-Lopez

By William Alexander


The Duke Neurology Department's latest All Stars are Erin Balsis, Jeff Perez, Tasnim Mushannen, MD, River Jordan, MD, and Andrea Linares-Lopez, DO. Duke Neurology All Star Awards recognize faculty, staff, trainees, and students from across our Department who go above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment to excellent patient care, research, and education Read the nominations below to learn more about our most recent All Stars, or nominate yourself or a colleague for an All-Star Award here.


E Balsis


Erin Balsis
Neurodiagnostic Technician

"Erin goes above and beyond to make sure all the complicated epilepsy patients are well connected and is one of the few epilepsy technologists who goes above and beyond to understand EEGs and teach new and incoming technicians."
Nominated by Prachi Parikh, MD





J Perez

Jeff Perez
Clinical Nurse, 1L Clinic

"There was a patient that spent much of his day traveling the healthcare system with possible stroke symptoms. The patient went to the ER, then urgent care and then back to the ER, all without evaluation or scans. The patient called the triage line upset about this and was resistant to care due to the delay. Jeff listened to the patient, coordinated with a provider to get the patient to the hospital and get the care he needed. Thankfully, the patient did not have a stroke but he did have other neurological conditions that were in need of treatment. Jeff handled this with professionalism and care. Without Jeff's navigation of the system and advocation the patient may have given up entirely."

Nominated by Lynn Miles


All Star recipients


Tasnim Mushannen, MD (PGY-3 Resident) and River Jordan, MD (PGY-2 Resident)
"River and Tasnim handled 13 made up proud handling 13 consults on a single night with aplomb, compassion, skill and cheerfulness. Their superlative conduct is more than deserving of an All Star award."

Nominated by Rich O'Brien, MD, PhD


All Star Award

Andrea Linares-Lopez. DO
PGY-3 Resident

“Today in clinic Dr Linares-Lopez took 25 minutes out of her own clinic schedule to explain the basics of migraine care and Epic competency to one of our new neurology residents on his first day in clinic. This all-star worthy moment was necessitated, in large part, due to the inadequacy of clinic attending physician."

Nominated by Rich O'Brien, MD, PhD