Inclusion, Diversity, and Empowerment in Neurology: A Blog by Andrew Spector, MD

When he assumed the role of Vice Chair for Inclusion, Diversity, and Empowerment in the Duke Neurology Department, Andrew Spector, MD, began sharing regular notes to our Diversity and Inclusion Committee on the intersections of diversity, inclusion and neurology. These messages grew from brief updates to essays discussing dealing with microaggressions, the harm caused by myths about "model minorities," and other topics and have been collected here as an ongoing blog.

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Good morning, Folks.

Here is the D&I update for July. Thankfully, there’s a bit less national news to cover this month, so we can focus more on the department.

Each year, we pick a theme and target our projects around an EDI goal. These have included the following: 

Pride Month, Affirmative Action, and the Supreme Court

This the June D&I update, and whoaaaa boy, is there a lot to cover! Traditionally, I like to do a year-in-review with the June email, and I will still do a brief version of that, but we really need to discuss Pride month, Affirmative Action, and the Supreme Court. I apologize if this is longer than you can read in one sitting, but I hope you’ll take the time to mentally engage with these topics. Although it might seem like these are political issues, these decisions have direct impacts on health and health care.

Feedback: Revisiting Women's History Month and Women in Neurology

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Spring and Eid Mubarak!

At the end of all of my monthly emails, I provide a link to anonymous comment box. It doesn’t get used often, but I’m pleased that we did receive a comment this past month. I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to write to the DEI Committee! I’d like to share the comment because it raises a very important point.

NCCU Careers in Neuroscience is a Month Away, Ramadan Mubarak, EDI Trainings

Here is your Neurology Department D&I update for March 2023. This will be relatively brief as the committee’s efforts have been focused on our NCCU Career Explorations Day on April 29, so there hasn’t been as much else going on to report. A full advertising push has been initiated, so hopefully you’re seeing the publicity from our department, the CTSI, and the Duke-NCCU Bridge Office. Please help us spread the word to any of your contacts at NCCU who might be interested in helping us get the word out. We’re also still looking for more volunteers.

Careers in Neurology and Neuroscience Day, Another Mass Shooting

Hello everyone. Here is your D&I Update for January 2023. The big news that I’m very excited to share with you is that we have received a gift from Harmony Biosciences to sponsor our Careers in Neurology and Neuroscience Day for NCCU students!

Native American Heritage Month, Rising Anti-Semitism

November is Native American Heritage Month. As far as I can tell, Duke University does not have a formal Land Acknowledgement Statement, though there is an effort among the Native American and Indigenous Students Alliance (NAISA) to get the university to adopt one.