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Share your issues, concerns, questions or suggestions relating to diversity and inclusion within the Duke Neurology Department via our anonymous suggestion box or our D&I site champions.

D&I Incident or Suggestion Box


Suggestion Box



Report an incident, suggestion, or concern anonymously to our D&I Committee through this Google form. Please leave your email address or other contact information if you would like us to get in touch with you.


Site Champions

Our Site Champions are experienced members of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee who have volunteered to act as a first point of contact for any questions, concerns, incidents, or suggestions relating to equity, diversity, or inclusion. Feel free to reach out to any of them and they will be glad to listen to your concerns, address any issues, or help you find appropriate help or resources.

Bryan Research Building/MSRB 3/Staff

Morreene Road Clinic/Advanced Practice Providers

Physician Assistant

South Durham Clinic/Faculty

Associate Professor of Neurology

1L Clinic/Duke South/Duke University Hosptal/Durham Regional/Faculty

Associate Professor of Neurology

Duke Raleigh/Faculty

Assistant Professor of Neurology