Staff Spotlight: Cerica Phelps, CMA, AMT

The day’s work of a provider depends on frequent support. Appointments are constantly being scheduled and rescheduled, orders for medication refills and procedures need to be maintained, and providers need instant access to records, images and other information. Cerica Phelps, CMA, AMT, provides these duties and more to more than a dozen providers within the Duke Neurology Department--while also acting in an advisory and supervisory role to nine staff assistants.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, September 2022

Members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 12 new peer-reviewed journal articles published this August. Highlights include a review article examining evoked potentials used for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s, the healthcare received by veterans with epilepsy, the optimal stroke treatments for patients with cerebral venous thrombosis, and other topics.

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, July 2022

This June, members of the Duke Neurology Department contributed to 12 new peer-reviewed journal articles as well as two new book chapters. Among other findings these studies uncovered retinal differences that may one day act as early biomarkers for cognitive impairment, population-based studies that will improve treatment for stroke and other conditions, and investigations of hydrogel scaffolds as potential therapies.

Staff Spotlight: Samantha Lowenberg

This week’s Spotlight interview shines on Samantha Lowenberg, a registered nurse at our Morreene Road Clinic. Lowenberg talks to us about the joys and challenges of her work helping patients with ALS, dementia, and other conditions. She also shares her hobbies of painting, playing music, and traveling when she’s not at Duke.

Staff Spotlight: Amanda Beaty, DPT

Fifteen years ago, Amanda Beaty, DPT, who was managing a human genotyping core facility, had only experienced physical therapy as an occasional patient. Now , as physical therapist she’s combining her loves of physical movement with her interests in health and science while helping patients with neurological and other conditions at Duke. For this week’s Spotlight interview, Beaty talks to us about her professional journey from the laboratory to helping patients with neurological conditions.

Staff Spotlight: Vera George, BSN, RN

Clinical research is an integral part of developing, testing, and refining new therapies. As one of our Clinical Research Coordinators Vera George is responsible for making sure dozens of these studies at Duke run smoothly and efficiently. For this week’s “Spotlight” interview, George talks to us about the joys of helping current and future patients with myasthenia gravis, movement disorders, and other conditions.